Color Grading

Our 4K color grading suite is capable of high-end grading and 360 degree VR videos. Our colorist is a qualified Da Vinci and Assimilate Scratch.

  • Films
  • Music videos
  • TV commercials
  • Documentaries
  • Corporate videos
  • 360 Degree VR color

Sudip Shrestha

Sudip Shrestha, a digital cinema colorist, started his professional career in Nepal film industry since 2005. After color grading more than 50 feature length films and 200+ TVC, he joined Pixel House Productions in the year 2016 as a senior colorist. Over the years he has mastered GCC-standard grading and has done more than 150 Arabic projects which include Short films, TV Shows, Social Media content and Advertisements.

“Coloring is about sense”, Sudip Shrestha, the first professional colorist in the Nepali film industry and the only one to be registered by the Nepal Film Technician Association

Introducing himself as “the man behind the people behind the scenes”, he’s been a “pro” for more than 12 years in DI correction, a combined coloring technique of color grading, digital intermediating and tone setup, which gives a visual output showing digitally corrected

If you’re looking for a colorist with sense of style and identity, whether for an ad, music video, or film, he is the go-to person.