Ideation & Conceptualization

We can make your thoughts come to reality. Our research and development team of young and inspirational talents will be dedicated from scratch till the end.

Pre Production

Scripting & Storyboard – This phase of a project is where all the planning takes place before the camera rolls. Whether its measured in minutes, hours

Video & Photo Shooting Floors

We are equipped with studio floors that cater for both photography and videography requirements.


Pixel House engage in media production with an aim of making headline-grabbing programme, cinema and television commercials

One Stop Shop

One stop shop for all your creative requirements. You can come up with what is on your mind and from consulting

Post Production

The post production process begins after all the footage has been captured. This is actually one of my favourite parts

TV Show

You have an idea which you think can educate the world via TV Show. Here we are who will make it happen. Having an experience of numerous educational TV and online shows we promise your idea will never fall on to wrong hands.

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Animation is the process of making the illusion of motion and the illusion of change by means of the rapid succession of sequential images that minimally differ from each other. The illusion as in motion pictures in general is thought to rely on phenomenon

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Video Editing

Our state of the art technology has the ability to perform real time editing with both native and proxy assets. We offer a full complement of post-production services including editing, visual effects, motion graphics and color correction.

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Media Production

Pixel House engage in media production with an aim of making headline-grabbing programme, cinema and television commercials.

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Color Grading

Our 4K color grading suite is capable of high-end grading and 360 degree VR videos. Our colorist is a qualified Da Vinci and Assimilate Scratch.

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Audio Post- Production

We are equipped with top notch Digital Audio console that enable us to produce high quality audio output for our clients, empowered with a spacious audio suite

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  • Creative Brief Creative Brief
  • Idea & Concept Idea & Concept
  • Execute Execute
  • Deliver Deliver

Creative Brief

The creative brief is the foundation of any successful creative campaign. It outlines the client’s vision and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Idea & Concept

We will brain storm and come up with ideas for the client brief and create tailor made concepts as per the requirements.


In this process we will start work as per the approved story board and timeline to get your brief into reality.


Handing over the final project with all the decided materials.


Is a Production agency that provides various solutions in the
fields of Video Production, Photography, Companies Brand & Identity. Pixel House is based in Dubai and started operations in 2013 with a main focus on producing TV shows and video production projects.

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